We are specialized in

Resource and reserve estimation following international standards

In Asturmine we count with competent person for signing resource and reserve statements according to international reporting standards (JORC, NI 43-101, CIM, PERC…).

Data management

Our team is specialized in data modeling and design using the newest technologies.

Worldwide mineral trading

We work as facilitators and intermediaries in the sale of mining production worldwide. We connect buyers and sellers around the globe thanks to our international experience and contacts.

Our services

Project Evaluation

  • Data management
  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis

Exploration and Resource Estimation

  • Mining exploration
  • Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
  • 3D geological modeling
  • Block model, geostatistics studies and grade estimation
  • Resource statement

Reserve Estimation

  • Cut off grade calculation
  • NSR and metal equivalent calculation
  • Mine design
  • Reserve optimization: MSO, SO, ASD, pseudoflow, whittle...
  • Reserve statement

Mine Planning

  • Open pit
    • Ultimate pit design
    • Stock piles, dump design and ramp and access optimization
    • Long-, medium-, and short-term planning
    • Fleet calculation and cycles studies
    • Transition from open pit to underground operation
  • Underground mining
    • Geotechnical studies
    • Mining method selection
    • Mine design
    • Long-, medium-, and short-term planning
    • Fleet calculation and cycle studies
    • Vent system and services

Mine services

  • Mine ventilation network design
  • Pumping system design and computation
  • Power network design
  • Communication network design


  • Methodology and situation analysis
  • Work methodology design
    • Surveying resource optimization
    • Surveying software optimization
  • Advice on new measuring technologies
  • Team training:
    • Tools
    • Software
    • Methodology
    • Documentation
  • Remote quality control


  • Identification of bottlenecks in operational processes
  • Improvement of continuous development
  • Development of working procedures
  • Development of operational management systems
  • Control room design

Technical training (Sampling, geostatistics, design and planning)

We are specialists in quality technical. We are experts in sampling, geostatistics, mine design and mine planning. We offer theoretical and practical training using specific software.

Operational training (Coaching and mentoring)

At Asturmine, we specialize in training for operators and supervisors focused on leadership and empowerment of human resources.

Mining Software

We offer training in:

  • Deswik: Deswik.CAD, Deswik.IS, Deswik.Sched
  • Datamine: Studio.RM, Studio.UG, Studio.OP, EPS, Aegis, Amine
  • Geovia: Surpac, MineSched, Gemcom
  • Leapfrog
  • AutoCad

Data management (Access, Excel, SQL…)

We offer training in data modeling and design and reporting, including:

  • Software: Excel, PBI, Access y SQL
  • Programming languages: C++, Visual Basic, DAX y Python


  • Safety culture integration
  • Safety planning
  • Tracking and control


  • Integration of environmental culture
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Waste management systems
  • Restoration plans and planning for closure.

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