The company

At Asturmine we are at the cutting edge of mining. Our team includes professionals with experience in management, engineering, operation, supervision, training, safety and continuous improvement systems.

Our extensive experience makes us specialists in project feasibility studies, mine planning, resource and reserve estimation and process analysis.

We use international reporting standards. We provide customized training in technical and operational matters. We offer quality and total commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Mission statement

"We want Asturmine to be the boost that both established and emerging companies need to be competitive in a sector where computing is already one of the fundamental pillars of mining."

The Asturmine team

Our values

  • Environmental responsibility and sustainable practices
  • Commitment, availability and close relationship with customers
  • Transparency, integrity and professionalism
  • Involved with regional growth
  • Commitment to energy transition

Asturmine 2019-2022